For Video Capture and Editing - $145/hr
When you hire me to capture video or edit raw footage for a horse production - you will receive a custom production complete with the benefits of:

• My graduate education in Industrial / Organizational Psychology.
• Utilizing professional quality video equipment, hardware & software, and back ups of your work.
• My 15+ years experience videotaping thousands of horses in multiple competitive disciplines.
• My 35+ years as a rider and competitor in three day eventing, dressage & jumpers investing up to $175 for 45 minutes of clinic instruction in clinics with Karen O’Connor, Eric Horgan, Kathleen Raine, Uwe Steiner and Judy Farnsworth.

But don’t just take my word for my work… enjoy listening to just a few of my many satisfied customers…read and listen to my Testimonials.

Each production is custom created for you and your horse.   If your horse is clean, braided, and ready for filming in hand and under saddle- and you have a copy of your breed papers and a script written for your audio testimonial about your horse - than you will enjoy my flat rate pricing.  Your final production will be between 3 1/2-5 1/2 minutes long and ready approx 1 week from film day to the day he is marketed on-line.  Each production package includes multiple phone consultations before and after the horse is advertised, coaching you or your trainer through the audio testimony, royalty free music, digital pictures from video for the ads, ads written and proof-read, along with 2-3 copies of a custom DVD containing all raw footage & your sales production.  I continue to work for you blasting and re-blasting the internet until your horse is sold.

If these rates seems expensive, let me ask how much are you are going to pay each month in board, training, shoes and horse shows when your horse does not sell from a "free" video taken by a friend or someone less experienced in marketing quality horses? Pro Horse Productions are powerful and effective. Don't just take my word for it, feel free to ask my many happy clients!

Editing time takes on average 1.5 - 2 hours per 1 minute of finished production. One way to save time in editing is for you to review and select your best moments you want from your riding.  Then I can edit your best riding timed with transitions, digital pictures and slow motion into as few as 2 minutes or as much as 10 minutes of your favorite songs.

There is a 4 person minimum (or more, depending on location and drive time).  I offer a discount off my $145/hr rate, as I understand you are already investing a significant expense in your education.  The cost is only $68 for the average 45 min clinic ride.   This includes my time to prepare my equipment and create custom DVD lables the day before the clinic.  The day of the clinic, I use my 15+ years of professional techniques for my big fancy camcorder to eat the barn dust with my big fancy tripod and use my wireless mic on your clinician for professional sound fed directly into my camcorder as I am downloading video to a separate DVD burner at the same time I am filming, so your clinic DVD is ready within 3 mintues of your ride!

Some customer arrange ahead of time to have their own camcorder with fully charged battery and tape, and I use my big fancy fluid head tripod and my 12+ years experience to capture quality footage then hand their camcorder back to them, for only $40.  There is no professional quality sound.

Each day we have a safe, sound horse to enjoy is truely a gift.  I am passionate about capturing quality memories for my my clients, and am personally thankful for the photo and video memories I have of my horses, thanks to my family & friends who have captured them for me.  If you do not yet have any video memories of you & your horse, I urge you to start making them today!  You know what you've invested in your horse... preserve it!
USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist
30+ years as a rider & competitor
Professional Equine Video and Marketing