How much will you spend on board, training, shows, vet & farrier bills until your horse sells?
"Free" Videos cost more.
Since 2009, I have a proven track record of getting my clients exceptional results with their sales horses.  My video style is often copied, but never duplicated. More than just a sales video, Pro Horse Productions has earned national trust and respect for how I market horses.

On average, 68% of Pro Horse Productions horses sell within 75 days or less, compared to 33% of horses that sell within 90 days on!
No one in the country markets horses the way that I do.  For example, I capture an audio recording of you or your trainer showcasing your horse's value. I know that keeping the attention of a prospective buyer is key, so every second of video counts. 
When you hire me to create a sale production, first I utilize my experience as a former three day event rider, four foot
show jumper and USDF bronze & silver medal dressage medalist to to talk to you about your horse's strengths and
who your horse is ideally suited to for his next owner.  Throughout this process, I incorporate my Master's Degree in
Industrial Organizational Psychology to consult with you to identify your horse's personality and strengths and to
price your horse right for his market. Next, I arrive at your farm with professional quality equipment and over 15
years experience capturing the best zoomed in footage, as I help you or your trainer show your equine athlete at his
best.  Then we capture the raw audio recording of you or your trainer telling your horse's story, that I will help you
communicate in a way that a potential buyer knows what's best about your equine athlete.  I spend hours editing this
dialogue, and moving this audio information into the appropriate moments showcased in the video we have captured. 

If you have photos or video from other shows, I can evaluate & incorporate those as well.  Finally I go home and take
several passes evaluating the raw footage to incorporate only the best angles to make it as easy as possible for someone
to watch your horse on line.  As I'm evaluating your raw video, I select music suited to your horse's gaits and
personality, from my massive royalty free music library. Your sale production is uploaded to YouTube with key words
that help people searching around the world can find on YouTube, even if they don't search Facebook or sale horse

Finally, I send a custom DVD containing all the raw video footage I captured with the sale production for you to keep
and remember your partnership with this horse.

After your ads have been placed, I follow up with you within days, to conirm that your phone is ringing and e-mails
are coming to set up showings of your horse within days of the ads being placed.  I keep following up and am
available for questions, support, and re-posting Facebook ads until your horse is sold.

For far less than what you are going to spend each month your horse doesn't sell
because you used amateur looking  "free video", the horses I help market usually sell
quickly and are often visited, vetted and sold within one month.

Flat Rate Payment: $1075
Video Production and Marketing Campaign Services payments are required on
video day. 
Payment includes all the consulting, filming, editing audio and video,
capturing digital pictures from video, and sevearl additional hours to post
ads all over Facebook and the internet.

Ad Costs
$69 - - $49 + featuring the ad for 2 weeks at $10 per week
$200 - for 6 months
$25 -
$50 - for 6 months
$25 - for 6 months

You know what you've invested in your horse... prove it with a Pro Horse Production. 
Your ads will stand out and you will get results!.
Sale Horse
USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist
30+ years as a rider & competitor
Professional Equine Video and Marketing